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Ground Heat Exchangers for a detached house

Attention: it can be a heat pump collector, air-water type !!!
            This appliance helps to get a natural, renewable thermal energy (heat in winter and cold in summer) from the soil. It must be stressed, that this concept is proven and does work. Thanks to the GHE you can significantly reduce energy consumption, and the results are considerable savings of conventional energy and environment protection.
            The idea of the GHE is based on the presence of almost steady ground temperature at  the depths of 1÷4m throughout the entire year. In our climatic zone this temperature is around  100C (+/-1.50C) or 500F (+/-2.70F). The results of a long term operation confirm that ambient air flowing through a gravel bed, located at this depth, can be warmed up from - 200C or to 00C (i.e. of 200C) or -40F or to 320F (i.e. of 360F) in winter and cooled down from 300C to 200C (i.e. of 100C) or 860F to 680F (i.e. of 180F) in summer. This phenomenon allows to use cold air for air conditioning in hot period. The gravel bed regenerates thanks to its direct contact with the surrounding soil as well as night breaks. This is why the parameters of the air leaving the heat exchanger remain steady for a long time. The operating costs of GHE comprise only the costs of transporting the air through the gravel bed (neither costs of heating nor cooling are involved). For instance, for a detached house, requiring an air stream of  500 m3/h, you would need only a single 120W fan. The costs of installation are only ca. 15 000PLN (ca. 3000 €) concerns preparing GHE by oneself, using hired equipment, i.e. excavator and transport). The GHE is a simple construction, easy to prepare of readily available and cheap materials. It can be made in practically any place and under any conditions. Therefore the heat exchanger can be widely used for ventilating, air conditioning and thermo-ventilating purposes.
          We offer you guidelines on how to prepare oneself a membranless Ground Heat Exchanger for a detached house of a usable floor area of 200m2, and output of 700m3/h. The cost of documentation (in Polish): 300 € (plus postage).
All persons interested should send by post an order, accompanied by the following data:
- Investor's name and surname, his phone nbr. and address (where the GHE will be constructed).
Investors, willing to construct a new building, and still having no location, should send us:
- Investor's name and surname, his phone nbr., town house construction, village, street, no parcel.
The documentation is still being developed - shortly we will supply our customers free of charge with a description of a cheap automatic for GHE control.
Your name and address will not be used for any marketing purposes.

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